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This is a set of Terms and Conditions for the use of the website by a third party. Here is a quick check of main ideas:

Terms: The laws and these terms and conditions are implied on every user in case of using this website. They should agree or the company does not allow them to use the site.

License: The users obtain a short and irrevocable license for accessing it only in individual, non-commercial terms. These limitations are such that in case of a breach, the license can be terminated.

Disclaimer: This website provides “as is” information with no warranty whatsoever. There are no warranties of any type issued by this site nor does it guarantee its result or reliability.

Limitations: However, even if these entities become aware that their actions may lead to the same kind of damage, the specific website itself alongside the relevant providers will be absolved from all forms of financial liability for the losses in question; the losses can include the loss of data and business interruptions. Under some legal systems, these restrictions may be unlawful.

Revisions and mistakes: Errors can be found on this site, which is constantly updated. The contents cannot be guaranteed to be up-to-date.

Links: This website contains information that is in no way responsible for any content on other pages. By following such links, users do so on their responsibility, and inclusion of them carries no guarantee of approval.

Site Terms Modifications: You hereby agree to any modification/amendment of these terms and conditions which may occur from time to time without any prior notice.

Governing Law: Any claims related to the website are governed by the laws of Pryagraj, India.

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